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We are searching for a deadline-driven Painter with great attention to detail. The Painter will be expected to use color theory principles to match shades, follow written and verbal instructions, and use a variety of tools to paint surfaces. Other responsibilities include completing minor repairs and selecting correct paints and primers.

To be successful as a Painter, you should have great stamina, physical strength, and time management skills. The ideal candidate will be able to understand clients’ visions, follow directions, and complete projects on time and to budget.

Job responsibilities:

  • Selecting the correct tools and paints for projects.

  • Preparing walls and other surfaces before painting.

  • Mixing and applying paints, varnishes, and sealants for a lasting finish.

  • Covering exposed objects and surfaces.

  • Using fillers such as putty and plaster to repair cracks.

  • Buying paint, brushes, and other supplies.

  • Obeying workplace safety rules.

  • Collaborating with other design and construction specialists.

  • Keeping the workspace and tools clean.

Job requirement details:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.

  • Experience painting residential or commercial spaces.

  • Knowledge of all the applicable health and safety standards.

  • Good planning and organization skills.

  • Attention to detail.

  • Solid communication skills.

  • Good balance and physical strength.

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Philippines Tel:  +63 9281513296

Dubai Tel:           +971 503296508/whats app


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